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The ring sizing system used in Australia is alphabetical (A-Z) unlike the US sizing system, which is in numbers. Australian sizing goes up in half size increments written as N and N1/2. When stating your ring size for any orders please ensure you provide an Australian size. If you only know your US size simply use a ring conversion chart to find the equivalent letter size.
The most common ring size in Australia for women is an M or an O (US 7) and for men a T or a U (US 10)

Measuring your ring size
The most accurate way to finding your ring size if you don’t already know it will be to go to a jeweller and have your size professionally taken. If you are based in Melbourne, Australia you may simply visit me at my studio and I will happily take your ring size for you.
If this is not feasible and you currently own a ring that fits you can measure its inside diameter in millimetres (as accurately as possible, a quarter of a mil makes a difference) and compare this to a ring size chart to find your alphabetical size. If you are choosing to do this method it important that the ring you are measuring is perfectly round in shape. If the ring has been misshapen, even slightly, this will not give a true measurement of its diameter and therefore result in an inaccurate ring size.

Please note: measuring your own ring size will not always be 100% accurate. A millimetre off can add or take away one full size and with paper being flexible you will not get a truly accurate representation of how a metal ring of that circumference will feel on your finger. This method will give you a fairly accurate result however cannot be guaranteed and by choosing to use it you are agreeing to these terms and Aislinn Neave will not take responsibility if your ring does not fit.

What happens if I measure my size wrong?
Most rings can be resized, if a certain style cannot be resized it will be stated in the item’s description. If you have measured your size wrong and it does not fit Aislinn will happily resize it for you, however there will be a small fee and you will be responsible for shipping costs. The amount of the fee will depend on the style of the ring, the metal and whether it is going up or down in size.
To help prevent this from happening please contact Aislinn prior to placing your order if you are needing some assistance with any of the above methods.

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