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With some time spent living and travelling overseas, Aislinn has a total of seven years experience working as a jeweller. She has spent years deeply exploring and refining her design aesthetic while at the same time constantly challenging and developing her craft. In 2018 Aislinn Neave Jewellery was born.

Aislinn specialises unique handcrafted jewellery, including but not limited to wedding and engagement rings. Combining the most beautiful gemstones and precious metals, every piece is crafted by hand in Aislinn’s Melbourne studio. Working closely with clients to create tailor made adornments that speak to each individual person is Aislinn’s specialty. She prides herself on the custom journey, doing everything to make it a smooth and enjoyable ride for everyone involved. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to begin the process, Aislinn will help you explore and refine the many possibilities.

To find out more about the custom process, view the CUSTOM  //  BESPOKE page, or contact Aislinn at to arrange a consult either in person, over the phone or via email. 

10 years ago, at the start of her journey as a jeweller, Aislinn was lucky enough to find herself sitting alongside a master jeweller with almost a lifetime of experience working at the bench. What was meant to be two weeks of work experience turned into a full-time job as an apprentice.

“When something comes so naturally to you, and you lose all concept of time and what’s going on around you while you are immersed in that one thing, you know that it’s what you are here to do”

- Aislinn

In loving memory of Peter, Aislinn’s grandfather.

A diamond setter for almost 70 years, you were a master of your craft, a master of life. I love you, and I miss you.

Hooroo Grandpa x

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