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  • 1ct purple grey spinel engagement ring
  • 1ct purple grey spinel engagement ring
  • 1ct purple grey spinel engagement ring

RINA // 1.1ct purple spinel ring


RINA // Earthy and organic. Embodying the texture of rippling water or the twig of a tree, Rina is a nature lover's dream. Rina adds warmth and individuality to the classic solitaire engagement ring. A timeless design, perfect for the minimalist wanting a unique point of difference.


- 9ct white gold

- 1.1ct Sri Lanken spinel- Claw set / round claws

- Subtle textured band / 2mm wide, 1.8mm thick

- Size O - resizing is available - fees may apply

- Open basket setting allows light in as well as easy cleaning for maximum gemstone sparkle!

Gemstone:A stunning purple spinel with moody grey undertones. This stone weighs 1.1ct and measures 6mm in diameter. Spinel's high dispersion gives them a diamond-like sparkle, which is one of their greatest gemstone qualities. They are also a very tough and durable stone and suitable for everyday wear, making them a great choice for an engagement ring. If you would like to understand more about spinels and their engagement ring suitability, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

This piece has been handmade in Aislinn's Melbourne studio and is ready to ship!

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