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  • KHONSU  //  sapphire ring
  • KHONSU  //  sapphire ring

KHONSU // sapphire ring


KHONSU  //  Ancient Egyptian God of the moon.  “Khonsu” is generally translated as ‘traveller’ or ‘wanderer’, supposedly relating to the Moon’s traverse across the night sky. It is believed that Khonsu watched over those who travelled at night and that he had the ability to drive out evil spirits.

May this ring embody the energy of Khonsu and be a talisman of protection to the wearer.



  • 9ct yellow gold
  • Australian sapphire


  • 1.77ct emerald cut sapphire  //  8x5.6mm
  • Size L

This piece is ready to ship!

Not your size? No worries! Aislinn can easily resize this for you and have it ready to ship within 3 days. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact to enquire about resizing. Small fees may apply, depending on the extent of the resize or the style of ring. 

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